Mohamed Atta’s Best Friend Caught in South Pacific:


Sander Hicks

December 19, 2006

Published today, 12/18/06, in New York Megaphone, print run: 40,000, circulation: 66,700, NYC and Environs

by Sander Hicks

Daniel Hopsicker is an independent journalist working in Venice, Florida, outside the decommissioned military airstrips where three pilots from the 9/11 attack were trained. Hopsicker found the secret life of 9/11 ring-leader Mohamed Atta, who lead the operation by piloting the first plane into the World Trade Centre. Hopsicker found Atta’s American girlfriend, Amanda Keller. What she said broke new ground for truth-seekers worldwide. Atta had social connections and a party-boy life that indicated there was more to his story than people had been told. The American media establishment turned a blind eye to Hopsicker’s work, however. He has been called a “conspiracy theorist” in mainstream media in Florida, when he’s paid any attention at all.

Yet, in November, 2006, Hopsicker’s career turned a corner. Sources connected to the Joint Terrorism Task Force (JTTF) told The Megaphone that his work began to be used to track Atta’s former associates. A researcher close to JTTF, speaking on condition of anonymity, told The Megaphone that the “JTTF relied heavily on Daniel’s research on Atta and Amanda [Keller]. I faxed them pages from [Hopsicker’s book] Welcome to Terrorland.”

The lead paid off: on November 16, 2006, the Joint Terrorism Task Force issued a “Terror Alert” for a certain Wolfgang Bohringer, a German-born, naturalized U.S. citizen who had reportedly partied with and protected Mohamed Atta in Florida. Bohringer’s name came up often in interviews with Amanda Keller. Amanda called the two “inseparable” and described how they had been kicked out of bars together. Atta called Wolfgang “brother,” a name he reserved for particular white Europeans.

Why “Brother?” During Atta’s university years in Cairo, the engineering guild that he joined had made him a member of the group Muslim Brotherhood. (9/11 mastermind Khalid Sheikh Mohammed is also a card-carrying Muslim Brother.) The group has two wings. Their front men in Egypt are non-violent, but the sordid history of the Brotherhood is that, since 1928, its anti-Semitism and anti-Zionist ideologies have made it a partner in crime for Nazis, European fascists, American far-rightists, and their powerful counterparts, the neo-conservatives.

The JTTF swiftly descended on Wolfgang Bohringer, outside Fanning Island, in the South Pacific, about 1000 miles south of Hawaii, on the 17th of November. Sources reported that the arresting officers said, “The first thing out of his mouth made him go from a ‘5’ to an ‘8’” (on a scale of importance). Allegedly, Bohringer had claimed, “You can’t arrest me, I’m working for the CIA.”

It looks like Bohringer was right. The day after the arrest, The Megaphone‘s JTTF sources did an about-face. With a mix of threats and attempts at persuasion, they claimed that an error had been made: Bohringer had not been arrested. It was someone else. They couldn’t say who. That identity was secret.

Daniel Hopsicker felt betrayed. In an email to a JTTF source, he said, “perhaps y’all are unaware up there that i haven’t spent the past five years in venice bumfuck florida because i have a fetish for blue-haired widows. I’m the person who discovered that mohamed atta had a close german associate named wolfgang bohringer…if NOBODY there feels that I deserve to be briefed on this story, please pass on my cordial ‘fuck you’ to all involved.”

The Megaphone approached other sources inside national and international security agencies. One source, a former JTTF informant and undercover operative for the anti-terrorist Operation Diamondback, phoned The Megaphone office on Dec. 11, and confirmed that Wolfgang Bohringer was arrested on Nov. 17, 2006: “The answer is yes, and he’s working–can’t talk about it.”

The message was pithy, but the effect is devastating: This might be the closest anyone has come to “proof” that Mohamed Atta had connections to the CIA.

If sources are correct, Bohringer was working for CIA when he befriended Atta in Florida. Bohringer was CIA when he was arrested by the Joint Terrorism Task Force on November 17th, 2006.

And according to the Diamondback source, Mohamed Atta best friend, Wolfgang Bohringer today is still “working” for CIA.

At this point, The New York Megaphone is out front on a story no one else has. The only thing we can say is “Qui custodiat ipso custodies?” Latin for “Who watches the watchmen?”

According to polls, national opinion is shifting towards thinking more critically about 9/11. But the only people who seem adamant these days about defending a lie are the people tasked with finding the truth.